Publication services

All conferences organised at IESC are invited to publish their proceedings online on this website. This service connected to Web of Conferences offers you a complete range of solutions to publish and distribute your conference proceedings. It aims at making proceedings lasting, widely open, citable and thus easy to use by the international scientific community.

Online Publication

The conference proceedings will be published online at the IESC Proceedings website This website enables to archive all the research works and contents of a conference, as well as the main information concerning the event: aims and scope, organising committees, partners, sponsors, historical background of the conference…

FLEXIBILITY: There is no restriction as to the number and format of the contributions. The organiser entirely decides of the type and number of documents that he wishes to archive: articles, slides, posters, videos, pictures, etc.

OPEN-ACCESS: All documents are available in open access (except those with opposed indications from the organiser).

COPYRIGHT POLICY: All documents are published in open access under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license 3.0, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any non commercial medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

LONGEVITY: All published documents are hosted, maintained and updated for an unlimited time.

Service available at the IESC proceedings website

ARTICLE IDENTIFICATION AND CITEABILITY thanks to DOI® (Digital Object Identifier). A DOI is a digital reference assigned to an electronic document accessible on the Web. This digital reference gives unique and permanent access to the document. All documents published on the IESC's site of proceedings are assigned a DOI.

CITATION LINKING from other publishers thanks to Crossref®. Crossref operates a cross-publisher citation linking system that allows a researcher to click on a reference citation on a publisher's platform and link directly to the cited content on another publisher's platform.

INTUITIVE SEARCH ENGINE that enables users to perform research in the full-text, authors, affiliations, titles /sub-titles and abstracts.

SERVICES TO THE AUTHORS are available from the HTML abstracts: finding articles from the same author, recommending the article, exporting the reference, sharing references and favourites (Bibsonomy, CityUlike, Connotea,, Digg and Facebook).

INDEXING: On request, your conference proceedings may be submitted to various international databases for indexing.

Additional options

CONFERENCES PROMOTION: An international calendar of scientific conferences is available on Web of Conferences, to announce or find an event. All conferences organisers are kindly invited to add for free their own event to the agenda. We also propose solutions for the promotion of scientific conferences in the EDP Sciences' journals and websites.

EDITORIAL SERVICES: Organisers may choose between providing PDF files ready for print or using an editorial service for the production follow up. In this case, an editorial secretary will supervise the whole production process: copy monitoring, creation of contents pages, index…, articles layout from source documents, generation of quality PDF files ready for print and compatible with an online publication.

PRINTING: Organisers can choose to publish their conference proceedings in books and/ or CD-ROMs t in addition to the online publication.